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About Us

The Hong Kong iMusic Academy was established to provide an oasis for music education to nurture the city’s most promising young talent. The Academy, in association with the Hong Kong Festival Orchestra (HKFO), offers courses designed to unleash every child’s innate musical potential. In addition, we provide regular performance opportunities at one of the finest performance venues in Hong Kong. We also offer ensemble ‘learn-among-your-peers’ training as well as the chance to participate in musical exchanges and competitions.


Home to some of Hong Kong’s top musical talents and finest facilities, the HK iMusic Academy and HKFO (Hong Kong Festival Orchestra) have emerged as truly prestigious music training institution comprising Hong Kong’s largest orchestra and professional music education establishment. The HK iMusic Academy is also equipped with state of the art facilities. It has over 5,000 ft² of campus space as well as a 1,600 ft² acoustically designed recital/orchestra rehearsal hall with two grand pianos, double basses, drum set and marimba. Blessed with a premier performance and education facility, we aim to create a conducive environment for students of all ages (from kindergarten to adults) to enjoy learning music at our Academy. We also provide a wide range of instrumental and vocal training in both one-on-one and small group lessons.

Our mission at HK iMusic Academy is to develop students' passion and interest in music. We strongly believe that exposure to all types of music has a positive impact on everyone and serves as a universal language that can help calm nerves and relieve stress.


“By nurturing a love for music, we hope to bring harmony and happiness to everyone.”

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Founders & Advisors

Hong Kong iMusic Academy is honored to have the support of the following distinguished advisors:

Our Principal

Dr Artem Konstantinov is a highly accomplished musician in Asia, renowned for his excellence as a Cellist, Conductor, Teacher and talented Composer. He has studied at the Moscow State Conservatory and holds a Doctoral Degree from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are all widely respected experts on their instruments and areas of instruction. Most of the HK iMusic's instructors hold a Bachelor’s degree in Music and performance diplomas from Trinity College London. Some have also earned post-graduate degrees or higher. We match each student with the teacher and programme best tailored to their musical interests. This tailored approach helps to nurture a love of music in children.


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