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Fanny Yung

Fanny Yung learned to play the piano when she was a child and possesses an Associateship Diploma in piano recital from Trinity College London (ATCL). In music theory, she follows in the footsteps of Professor Edward Ho and has attained the Grade 8 level in Piano Theory of ABRSM. Fanny is a skilful piano teacher, having more than 20 years of teaching experience. The majority of her students could earn merits or distinctions in ABRSM piano examinations. In the Hong Kong School Music Festival, many of her students won the top three places. She constantly encourages and leads her students to participate in music competitions and performances. Fanny is also good at teaching music theory. Under her diligent instruction, with explanations of complicated theories in simple language, students can easily understand the contents of examinations. Over the years, more than 90% of her students have achieved excellent music theory examinations.

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